Cloth Diapers

i just want 2 review nayli’s stuff..

Im using the cloth diapers since nayli 1month..but not all the time la..juz try je..mase 2 terdetik..cloth diaper ni beso bebeno..xseswai tol ngan bby newborn..

so juz smpn jd pekasam je..i juz use pampers bese..mcm2 la i try..


lpas 2 br la rase pembaziran yg amat sgt..ingat murah ke pampers 2?

ive decide to use cloth diapers on siang,n night br la use pampers..bkn ape ble mlm mcm payah lak.. koleksi cloth diapers nayli..skit je..n i will buy more after dis..i promis..;0


aish..puas cari pic nayli using cd..xde plak..rupenye xpenah snap la..okeh,after dis ibu will snap ur pic nayli..:)